Choosing your first anal plug top 5 best anal plugs

user / January 1, 2021
anal plug how to choose

Some time ago, the sex industry noted the general “fashion” for anal sex, and interest in this topic does not become less. Why is that? If you discard purely male interests in this process, there is also your pleasure-after all, anal sex can be very pleasant.

To choose an anal plug, first of all decide how exactly you want to use it. Anal plugs are mostly divided into two types: those that are needed to prepare for anal sex, and those that are used during vaginal sex as an additional stimulator.

The plug, which you can use during sex, has a rounded shape and a stopper, which is attached to the base with a narrow jumper, which allows the toy to be fixed inside and reliably protects it from slipping deeper. The jumper of such toys will be thin, because there is no need to prepare the sphincters for penetration, respectively, you do not need to use them. The task of anal plugs for vaginal sex is to enhance the sensations of both partners.

Plugs that help you prepare for anal sex are called “anal starters”. Most often, they have the shape of a wedge, and the stopper is attached to the body of the cork itself, without having a pronounced jumper in front of it. This form of toy allows you to most effectively prepare the anal opening for subsequent sexual contact. The body gets used to the feeling of fullness and to the fact that the sphincters can be in a new position for them.

The size of the cork should be selected based on your own preferences, but for the first experience, small toys are better suited. The most important thing — always pay attention to the stopper: the diameter of its base should be much wider than the diameter of the jumper, so that the cork could not fall inside. When this happens, sometimes the toy can be extracted independently, but sometimes you have to turn to the help of specialists.

A very important factor when choosing a cork will be the material from which it is made.

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